Fionna Derm Ltd. provides only highly innovative solutions to the market which are based on the modern scientific research and are unique. The company has been established after the successful partnership between Micar21 Ltd. drug design team and Fionna Cosmetics Ltd. producer. Fionna Derm develops both new active substances and cosmetics formulations. For our cosmetics we mainly use compounds that have been recently developed. All of our products are subject of clinical trials, for safety and efficacy, before we submit them to the market.

Nearly 80% of the people are affected during their life by some form of Acne. It has been established that the inflammatory processes associated with Acne are due to the presence of P.acnes bacteria. Hence, almost all cosmetics products at the market, including antibiotics, target the P. acnes and have an antibacterial effect. In simple words they aim to kill the bacteria. However, the exact mechanism and pathways which provokes the inflammation processes became clear only during the last few years. In this mechanism of action several proteins and pathways are involved and the elimination of their action can directly stop the inflammation even in the presence of the bacteria. Thus, abolishing both the action of P. acnes and enzymes involved in the inflammation provide the most successful way to clear your acne. Moreover, the very recent scientific data demonstrated that the inflammation processes even precede the bacteria damages, i.e. they provide a good environment for P. acnes development. It has been established that the IL-1β inflammatory path is the main one involved during development of Acne and in particular so called IL-1β paths 1 and 2. The MyD88 или TRIF proteins play a central role in the first of this path (named also as TRL2/4). The NLRP3 enzyme is the key protein in the IL-1β path 2.

Both Fionna Derm Acne and Fionna Derm Acne high level are composited by new active substances that regulate above mentioned proteins and abolish IL-1β paths 1 and 2. Indeed these creams also contain strong antibacterial actives, which kill P. acnes ensuring complete defence against the inflammation processes. This new approach in the Acne battle is a worldwide innovation suggesting a full solution for the acne suffering people.


The real science and cosmetics are joined in one solution now